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What Size Paper Do I Need For My Clover Printer?

Trying to figure out what size thermal paper you need for your Clover Printer Station? You have come to the right spot! Here at we make finding the right products and sizes you need for your Point Of Sale (POS) systems quick and simple. First, let’s identify what type of Clover Printer you have. Clover currently has 3 different types of printers, but also sells the Star Miocronics SP742ML Impact Printer. This guide will help you choose what you need for your type of POS system.
The first station we will go over is the called the Clover Station, weighing in at a hefty 5 lbs., and comes with a Touch Screen display and a separate high speed printer. The display monitor is a touchscreen measuring 11.6”. If this accurately describes your setup then you will need a 3 1/8" X 230' Thermal Paper Rolls. We also carry Phenol Free, Custom Printed, and four colors in this size.

The second type of Clover Printer available is the Clover Mobile. The Clover Mobile weighs in…

Thermal Paper Rolls - Smart Storage Tips and Shelf Life Suggestions

Hello there business owners! Welcome to our new blog home.  This first topic is the most common question we are asked since the smart way to save on your thermal paper purchase is buying in bulk...where and how should I store my thermal paper?

🔥 Temperature & Humidity
The number one factor for elongating the shelf life of your thermal paper is safely storing it in a temperature as close to 77°F (25°C) as possible, and ideally a dark place with a general humidity level of 45-65%.  This factor can ensure a couple years of performance out of your paper rolls.

🌞 Keep Away From Sun Damage and Store In the Dark
Your thermal paper is coated with light-sensitive coating, so don't store it somewhere bright! The combination of dye and co-reactant technology causes thermal paper to be UV sensitive (ultraviolet), as well as some sensitivity to office light.  Prolonged exposure can have a "graying" affect to your product, so keep it out of the sun and in the dark.

🚫 Do Not Store Ne…